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About Our School

How Martial Arts Changes & Impacts Lives

Hi there,

Thank you for visiting with us today! Martial Arts changed my life drastically and I know it can change yours too.

When I first hear friends talking about martial arts, I had no idea what it was. After all, I only knew what I had seen in movies. Was it Kung Fu, intense cage fighting, the calm practice of a Tai Chi master, or just a bunch of fancy kicks?

I really didn’t know…I just thought it was "cool"!

Through training, I learned what it really was - a powerful tool for self-defense, fitness, and finding mental balance in life.

I got in great shape, grew stronger, faster, and more capable of protecting myself and my loved ones.

As training progressed past the basics I noticed something else happening. Something profound and absolutely life changing.

Not only was my physical body getting stronger and more resilient, but, my mind was clearer too! I felt myself changing – becoming more positive, generous, and eager to see the bright side of things.

Without even realizing it, I'd almost become a completely different person. I was still "me"... but I was a "better" me. I was finally becoming comfortable with myself and truly liked the person I was growing in to.

Plus, talk about a confidence boost! My training and new outlook on life left me feeling like I could handle any challenge or obstacle life threw my way.

A wise man once said that as a child, he dreamed of changing the world. But as he grew older and wiser, he discovered the world wouldn't change. So, as he grew older, he decided to just focus on his country.

But he found that his county, too, would not change.

He grew even older and wiser, and decided to focus only on his family. But they too could not be changed.

Finally, on his death bed, he realized that he only needed to change himself first.

Had he done so, he would have been a glowing, inspiring example for his family, and they would have changed. Then, others would be inspired by them, and who knows, maybe, in turn, he would have truly changed the world.

In martial arts, you are working on yourself. You're not only becoming fitter, stronger, and a master of self-defense...

You're becoming a better person, too.

That's the true, life-changing gift of martial arts, that both children AND adults experience.

If you'd like to get started today, we'd love to have you. Simply click on any of the programs above, and sign up for one of the amazing web specials right on the website.

Still have questions or concerns? Give us a call at (901)756-0000. We’d love to hear from you.

Then, we'll get you started on your path to a better you as well!

To your success,

Mark Metts, Founder
Cordova Martial Arts